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Hydrographic Dipping

Welcome to Hydroqubics water transfer printing service. I am a dedicated dipping service; I don’t do anything else so I can focus on providing you with the best possible service and quality.

At Hydroqubics dipping services I can create a stunning finish on everyday objects using hydrographic printing, car dashboards, engine panels and wheels, motorbike panels to computer towers, gun stocks and game controllers can all be dipped. If its non water porous and can be submerged in water I can probably dip it.

I offer a wide range of films that will perfectly fit your needs and project. I have access to several libraries of film stock which contain a wide variation of designs and patterns for you to choose from. If you can’t find that perfect pattern we can help to have a film designed and printed to your personal requirements.

I understand that you have a vision of your unique design and I am here to help you make it come to life. That’s why every job is completed with the utmost care and attention.

Open Tuesday and Saturday, all other times by appointment.