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Hydroqubics Price Guide

V for Vendetter Hydrographic print sample.

The prices listed here are only a guide as each job presents it own challenges. If you would like a quote you can drop in to see me on Tuesdays 11am-7pm and Saturdays 11am-5pm or other times by appointment. Or you can drop me an email or text. For more information about contacting me have a look at the Contact Us page.

Engine Covers from £75.00 depending on size and shape

Trim Pieces from £35.00 per piece

Grilles from £70 depending on size and style

Rifles from £170.00

Gun Stocks from £95.00

Silencers from £35.00

Barrels from £40.00

Scopes from £50.00

Scope Mounts from £20.00

Buddy Bottles from £35.00

Electrical Goods

Game Controllers from £25.00

Game Consoles from £55.00

Laptop casings from £55.00

Smart phone covers from £15.00


15s from £60 each

16s from £70 each

17s from £80 each

18s from £90 each

19s from £100 each

Car Body panels from £200

Badges from £20

Mirror Covers from £65 per pair

Motorcycle Tanks from £180

Mudguards from £50